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Pepper-Soup Seasoning - made from 100% with Herbs

Pepper-Soup Seasoning - made from 100% with Herbs

Peppers & Spices. A Hearty, Nutritious Blend of Whole Food Ingredients Good for Body and Soul. No Preservatives, No Added Color.


About this Item


  • Real Food Herbs, Peppers & Spices Only – Rich, aromatic bold flavor for wholesome savory soups
  • One-Pot Authentic House Blend – This Pepper-soup blend richly transforms any soup. Every ingredient goes back decades in many African cultures and known as the ‘Feel-Good Healing’ soup
  • Our #1 Focus is Nourishment - All our spices are non-irradiated, free from additives, msg, preservatives, color or anything artificial. A powerhouse of nutrients to help boost our body’s defenses
  • Know Your Spices – Many spices do not list all their ingredients. At Iya Foods, we list everything
  • Many amazing uses – Great for both broth-based and thick creamy soups. Also great in savory porridges made with root vegetables
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