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Our Excellent Global Classroom Connects Teachers and Students Around the World.

We are making education accessible by bringing together young learners and educators through one-on-one online classes.

Our excellent one-on-one tutorial sessions mean more learning (awesome) and less distraction (also awesome). We believe geography should not impact a child's chance to learn, and with our online platform educators can teach and children can learn from anywhere.

You must be able to adapt your communication style to the needs of different students depending on their age, culture, ability, and learning style. Clarity, accuracy, and professionalism with parents, colleagues, and administrators are imperative.

Requirements include abilities to:

  • Advocating for others

  • Building communities

  • Building relationships

  • Communicating with parents and the community

  • Collaborating with students, colleagues, and administrators

  • Forging and maintaining interpersonal relationships

  • Knowing and adapting to an audience

  • Leading

  • Listening

  • Networking

  • Setting boundaries

  • Speaking with clarity and avoiding jargon

  • Writing reports, instructions, and correspondence





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