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20 Pack 10" Social Distancing Floor Decals Stickers

20 Pack 10" Social Distancing Floor Decals Stickers

Anti Slip Maintain 6 FFET Distance Safety Social Distancing Floor Signs Markers for Crowd Control, Restaurant, Supermarket, Bank and So On-Red


About this Item


  • 【PURPOSE】Help your customers practice social distancing, these bright and easy-to-see social distancing floor decals help customers, guests, staff members, or visitors maintain 6’ between one another for better personal safety. Let them know where to stand as they wait in a queue, work or socialize.
  • 【MATERIAL】Our social distancing floor stickers are made with waterproof, anti slip PVC, they are waterproof, scratches, and tears. these characteristics making them better for everyday indoor and outdoor use.
  • 【DESIGN】Bright, vibrant, and easy to understand, These 10” circular social distance floor decals are designed to be easier to read and understood by almost any culture, which is vital for protecting travelers in shared spaces.
  • 【USAGE】Please clean the ground before use, it is better to stick it on the dry ground. it is easy to apply & remove.
  • 【WHERE TO USE】20PCS social distance floor stickers can be used in a variety of areas such as large supermarket, office, classroom, restaurant, library, cashier desk, coffee shop, bank, lab and so on.
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