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NOW & LaTeR Original Taffy Chews Candy, Pack of 24

NOW & LaTeR Original Taffy Chews Candy, Pack of 24

ORIGINAL PINEAPPLE, GRAPE, BANANA, CHERRY, WATERMELON, FLAVOR: This box contains 24 packs of candy, each with 6 bite-sized pieces of satisfyingly sweet-flavored taffy chew. It's the classic candy that never goes out of style!

THE FRUITY TAFFY CANDY: Kick-start your taste buds with the long-lasting chewy fruit flavor of Now & Later. This original taffy packs an impossible amount of boldness into a bite-sized candy square.

THE LONG-LASTING CHEW: You know them, you love them, now get your hands on all of our legendary bold, fruity, long-lasting candy, including Originals, Shell Shocked, Extreme Sour, Splits, & Chewy!

INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: This pack contains 24 mini bars, each with 6 individually wrapped pieces, so it's easy to spread the love & share the square with your friends, or throw some in your pocket or bag to enjoy either now or later.

CHOOSE YOUR CHEWS: Whatever you choose, you'll get in-your-face flavor every time. From sour to soft, fruity to funky, Now & Later chews deliver the iconic long-lasting taste you can't stop loving.

Product information

Weight26.4 Grams
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